Hi there! My name is Herbal Em. I just wanted to introduce myself and tell you what No Nonsense Herbalism (NNH) is, and whats it's all about. I am an herbalist and lover of nature in general. One day I was studying and I realized I wasn't really getting that much information about the herb I was trying to study. I was getting a phrase here or there amidst an ocean of strange, off topic explanations that really had nothing to do with the herb or anything relating to it. So I had an Idea! What if you condensed the information by removing all the side discussion, what would happen? What you see now is the result, an intuitive, easy-to-use resource for learning about herbal medicine and other things concerning it. I hope you enjoy everything, thanks.

Here are all my profiles. See you soon!

Last but not least is Mary Lou Saso who allows me to use her beautiful wreath photos. Click on the banner below to check out her wonderful creations.

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 No-Nonsense Herbalism is an herbal remedy resource, the herbal remedies here do not have the approval of the FDA or any other medical organization. I am not advising the treatment or cure of any illness, and if you are feeling ill you should see a medical professional. I, Herbal Em have not have medical training in any field so use the information on this website at your own risk.