This is where I catalog my favorite books concerning herbalism. ALL content on this page is for informational purposes only. I DO NOT own ANY of the copyrights to the material below. All of these books, their cover art, and contents are the sole property of their respective writers. Thank you.

These books currently aren't in any particular order. Maybe sometime I'll find time to organize them but for the time being I'll just toss them in here for you guys to browse over.

Making Plant Medicine by Richo Cech

This book is well known throughout the herbal community this book is a delightful mixture of stories and experience, with countless in-depth yet understandable explanations of both folk and technical methodology for making herbal remedies. I highly recommend this book for both new and experienced herbalist's its great!

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The Herbalist by Joseph E. Meyer

This book is a little gem. In addition to being something anyone with a fetish for old books will absolutely adore. This book is in layman's terms and is very informative in many ways if your like me and love herb books and that goes double for old herb books you will love this! Even if you hate old books you will want this for its herbal knowledge!

The Herbal Handbook by David Hoffman

This book is sold with either cover. Each from different publishings. Anyway it confused me and I bought it twice to I thought I would warn you about that. Anyway, this book is awesome! Informative, understandable, well-written, and at times amusing. It explains in depth the mile-long terms used everyday in herbalism and much much more! It's definitely something you want in your bookshelf!

Herbal Medicine by Dian Dincin Buchman

I really like this book! It's funny and also quite informative as you might be able to tell by the number of covers this book was republished 14 times! And for good reason the information in this book is abundant, well-written, and very easy to grasp and go with it. Its a definite must-have. Although one thing that may or may not matter to you is that her remedy formulas call for anhydrous lanolin and LOTS OF IT! So if your partial to bee's wax then you might want to adjust recipes accordingly. But either way this book is wonderful!

The Complete Medicinal Herbal by Penelope Ody

I really like this book, it is a true, blue, ready at a glance herbal reference book. It doesn't cover everything but most herbs you've heard of off the top of your head, informative. Although I think it worthy of mention that she adds some tantalizing tidbits of information that are really interesting. Granted the font size for those tidbits is a bit small but all the other text is big enough. Its something that is really nice to have and it is worth it's price.

Smithsonian Handbooks: Herbs by Lesley Bremness

Ahh, the memories. This was the book I would read while I sat on a blanket in the yard. It was one of the things that started my passion for herbal medicine I would say. This book is a beautifully simple handbook for on-site plant identification as well as a solid reference book. It covers plants from all over the world and tells you their habitat, parts used, medicinal value, if it is poisonous or safe. For being a field guide that you can fit in a day bag this puppy packs a perverbial punch! This is CERTAINLY something anyone would want and should have if you are studying plants for whatever reason. An amazingly handy book for sure, absolutely amazing!